Saturday, January 8, 2011

Lets choose a shoes

i wanna help you for buy a new shoes :)
Women's shoes what do you know? Well, the info below might be right for you've got dozens and dozens of pairs of women's shoes? Let's look!


Flat, do not have the right and in accordance with the texture of the foot. One woman's shoe is perfect for casual events, let alone to shopping with friends from morning till evening.

Kitten Heels
Being about women's shoes that are short right or kitten heels, high right usually size 3.5 cm - 5 cm. This shoe style first popularized by Audrey Hepburn. You can pair this style shoes with your casual dress with a long. Must be beautiful!

High Heels
Some women love shoes of this style, but others at all anti about tall women's shoes that could reach tens of centimeters rights. But see the beauty of this shoe, shoe making it compulsory for women.

Wedge Heels

As for shoes styles of this one girl, but thick alias heels wedge heels, shoe model shows the rights that are attached to the soles of shoes. Shoes styles are suitable for you who have a great body and want to look taller.

Pump Shoes

Who's on ladies shoes pump type (or pumpkin shoes), features the front of the round like a pumpkin, similar to ballet shoes. A true partner for this style shoe is a mini skirt and hot pants.

Or Peep Toe Open Toe

If you want a little girlie show, may have to look at women's shoes types of open or peep toe. Shoes with open end this will make your feet thumb a little peek out.


Taken from the Italian language, these women's shoes will make the wearer look very sexy. Another thing about this style shoes are the tip of the right of the tall and thin, will give a sharp impression.

Sling Back

Being about a woman named sling back shoes, ladies shoes is known as moccasin plus ropes are wrapped around pretty legs adorn.

Mary Jane

The right front of the short is like Pump Shoes round, with the single-trap at the ankle. formally known as the shoe is often used in ancient times young women.


These eye catching shoes have a variety of heights. There is a high Knee Boots up to the knee, Ankle Boots are high to ankle, or Loose Boots which height can be adjusted as needed. Women's shoes are generally able to chime in with a variety of clothing, and knows no season.


Perhaps the shoe type footwear is the most the first woman you've got, casual sandals for all situations. Even so, women's shoes are usually selected according to the color of clothing, or clothing motif.


Women's shoes was once only used for exercise. But lately you who want to look sporty sneakers could use to cut faded boot cut jeans.

Well, although the types of ladies shoes on top of already having characteristics of each, but then fashion continues to develop from time to time.

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