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color your hair!

This is 2011 and i think this is right for coloring your hair :) I will show examples of such,
 I've alluded to this before, but now let me put pen to paper, or at least fingers to keyboard, and come out and say it. ,hence we're currently putting together the take on 2011's hairstyles and 2011's fashion trends. But hairstyles are only a part of the equation; another part is made up by the year's haircuts and another its hair colors. And what will they be, might you ask?

The rule for 2011

2011 is not just a new year, it's a new decade, and new decades bring more than just slight change, they bring about an entirely new generation of thought. It's a case of out with the old and in with the new, and such a mindset is applied to everything from society's outlook to the aesthetic styles it embraces.
This new decade will be no different. The most dominant clothing trend of the last decade, military fashion, is finally being pushed to the back of the wardrobe. And hair colors are undergoing a major change too.
You may read that and be under the impression that 2011, and the rest of the new decade, is a period of wild hair colors. That's not what we're saying at all. Clothing trends may become more liberal, but it's not the same for hair. In fact, the change leads to just one rule. It's the rule for picking your hair color in 2011 and for many of the years to come. And that rule is thus:

Just change it.

Yes, it's almost cliche to write it, and somewhere a Nike lawyer is checking to see if we've just infringed their trademark. I confess though, cliches are easy to remember and when you're picking your new hair color for the year I want you to remember that one rule. Again, just change it. Pick a color that suits you, one that gives you confidence, make it a shade that's on trend, and go make that hair color your own.

The inspiration

Where has the inspiration for the "just change it" rule come from I hear you ask. While the start of a new decade inspires change, there are also those people driving the idea of simply changing your hair color as a trend in itself.
Let us explore.

Abbey Lee Kershaw

 Abbey Lee Kershaw was the first top tier model to change her hair. One day she was sporting a mousy-brown hair color, the next day we were hearing stories of her 8 hour conversion into a near-platinum blonde. Abbey Lee had "just changed it" - well, just is an overstatement. It would have been a carefully considered change. One made to redefine her. To set her apart. Give her a point of difference. It's, thus, a hair change you should take inspiration from.

 Natasha Poly

Abbey Lee's change neatly segues into a change of hair color undertaken by another top model. Natasha Poly had a hair colour that complimented her Russian looks and infinite legs. She is the perfect blonde, or at least she was. Then someone at her agency decided she needed a new look for the new year. A different look that set her apart from a sea of other leggy blondes and made her feel fresh again.
So it was that our top model of 2009 cast off the dark-rooted blonde hair that she'd become known for and became a richly colored brunette in entirety.

Eniko Mihalik
Eniko Mihalik has a very rare quality - one moment she can offer up a cute-as-a-button smile, only to follow it up with a look of such sexual confidence that men have been rumoured to fall to their feet. And yet prior to 2011 she'd been a brunette; all well and good for cute-Eniko, but a plain brunette hair color has never quite driven home the sexuality confidence she can ooze and brings in so much of her work as a result.
What to do with her hair for the new year then? Compliment her bombshell attitude with bombshell red hair.

Lily Cole

Eniko's hair color change is the most personality suited we've looked at so far, with Abbey Lee's and Natasha's seeming far more dramatic. Dramatic, however, is Lily Cole. Despite so many women now coveting the right shade of red hair, 2011 is the year to change, and change it Lily has transforming her trademark red locks to a very deep brown with eyebrows to match.
Bonus point of inspiration: Lily's fringe. The fringe is back with vengeance for 2011 Kass: from blonde to brunette (7.1.11) changes it Hearst goes red Moss: dark hair, wild spirit

Picking a color

So there are the four models who have so far inspired the idea of changing your hair color as a trend in itself in 2011. What of the individual hair colors though?
While the above certainly gives you a taste of some of the on-trend colors for the year, be sure to take in our 2011 hair color guide (currently a work in progress) for a more in-depth look.
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Beyond colors

Naturally there's more to being on trend in 2011 than having the right cut or hair color: there's the clothes to go with them. So once you've taken in the year's hair trends, be sure to also point your browser at our 2011 fashion trends guide.

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